Planar ViperPlanar Viper

Planar – Viper ( PD7170 ).

Este projector passa a ser uma das referências no exigente mercado de projecção uma vez que é o único com 3 chips DLP a incorporar a função DynamicBlack™.

"Specifically designed and engineered to bring unprecedented imagery and installation versatility to the most demanding home theater, Planar’s Viper is ideal for customers who demand stellar large-screen HD performance. Combining incredible brightness with zero compromise of color fidelity, the Planar Viper excels on screens 110” diagonal or larger without degradation of contrast ratio or brightness, allowing for high foot lambert installations. Viper is the only High Definition 3-chip DLP home theater projector to incorporate DynamicBlack™ and is completely void of rainbow effect as well as color wheel noise pollution.

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